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  《汽车配件与设备》和《汽车用品资源》隶属于北京中视赢家广告有限公司 旗下两个编辑部。《汽车配件与设备》主要介绍汽车维修保养厂商、经销商、汽车修理厂、4S店的行业发展趋势。《汽车用品资源》侧重于介绍汽车用品厂商、 经销商的产品宣传。两个编辑部每年都要参加不同的汽车后市场专业展会,为读者介绍最新行业状况和技术发展。“做企业家的朋友,为企业家服务”是编辑部 办刊宗旨,杂志也是广大汽车后市场企业产品宣传的舞台和展示窗口,希望以我们专业的服务精神为企业品牌建设做出一份贡献。
  Brief Introduction:
  As the two editorial departments, "Auto Parts & Equipments" and "Auto Accessories Resources" belong to Beijing Zhongshi Yingjia Advertising Co., Ltd. "Auto Parts & Equipments" introduces mainly about the industry trends of auto maintenance manufacturers, distributors, auto repair shops and 4S shops. "Auto Accessories Resources" focuses on the product description and promotion of auto supply manufacturers and distributors. The two editorial departments participate in different professional exhibitions of auto after market each year and introduce the latest industry trend and technology development for the readers. "Make Friends with Entrepreneurs, Do Service for Entrepreneurs" is the magazines’ purpose, which provide auto after market enterprises a stage for product promotion and a large window to display as well. We hope to make our contribution in corporation-brand building with our professional service.
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